2017: iOS App Development Using Swift 3


Spring Professional Certification

Finally after one year and 5 months, got a chances to take the exam on 30 November 2016 and passed with score 82%.

D.A.I – “Work Smart, Have Fun and Make a Difference”

Swift: Computed Property

Computed properties. A computed property is not directly stored in memory. Instead it uses the “get” and “set” keywords to compute a result. Get:This is run when the…

Swift: How to Use CocoaPods with Swift

Swift: Unwrapping Optional Types


Training: iOS App Development With Swift

Superb training, good-well trainer, good syllabus. Overall I really enjoy the learning process. DyCode is one the IT Consultant in Bandung, specialised in mobile application technology. I found…

Swift: Function

Use func to declare a function. Call a function by following its name with list of arguments in parantheses. Use -> to separate names and type from the…